All mishaps are now out of the way … RIGHT?

I’m usually pretty good at sleep. Excitement, stress … doesn’t matter, sleep comes pretty easy for me. Not last night! I was up until 12:45am then tossed and turned all night (loosely stated) before getting up at 5:30am. On a positive note, because I have to get something positive in here … I didn’t cut myself shaving and it may be awhile before I shave again, so I’m particularly enjoying my smooth legs. I’m trying to be positive here!

I got to my sister, Anita’s just a little past 6:30am … almost on time. We chat and head off to the airport. We hug and the last thing she says is ‘Tweet lots’ and I jokingly said ‘Should I start right now?’. I headed inside lugging two backpacks and an oversized ‘purse’ with my laptop in it. Attached my comfy new travel pillow to my camera bag and headed in.

Immediately inside the doors and part way up the escalator to US departures I realized I had made a devastating mistake! Panic struck. I looked for a pay phone … I looked for a quarter … no luck! I asked a lovely lady if she had one and she didn’t but she sent me to her husband as she had just given him the change from Starbucks. THANK YOU lovely strangers. I put the quarter in and dial what I hope is my sister’s cell phone number. Ring … Ring … Ring …. panic … Panic … PANIC! No friggin’ answer … answering machine, bye bye one begged for quarter.

I head back down the escalator to Starbucks to get change, except I have to buy something to get change! Can’t take a drink through security, so I decided to head to the change machine in the arcade. $20 Canadian bill in change? Well, that would add a little extra weight, but PANIC! Insert change machine noises … Insert Shari controlling herself and not kicking the machine as it spit the $20 bill back out! Back to Starbucks I go to buy a $2 bag of almonds and ask for a bunch of quarters. Who knows how many times I’ll get my sister’s answering machine and lose quarters!

Pay phone attempt number 2. What was that cell phone number again? Ok, it’s ringing … and ringing … and ‘Anita speaking’. PANIC … RELIEF … ‘Um, I’m an idiot. Is my cell phone in the cup holder in the car?’ … And, back my sister comes to the airport.

I head to the escalators for a second attempt to check in and I hear click, thunk and then I lightly kick something. Now, what do you think that was? To my utter dismay … I mean really stomach churningly disappointing … I look and my camera bag had come partially unzippered … out had tumbled a lens, hit the floor and smashed in two. Anyone out their crying for me yet? I haven’t even checked my luggage in yet!

I picked up the pieces (two of them, completely separated to be exact) and pretty sure I said out loud ‘Are you shitting me?’. Then I took a deep breath, thought to myself, wow am I glad I’m getting my cell phone back and thank you for only being my cheapie 50 mm lens and not one of my $1500+ lenses.

Cell phone returned by super sister … broken lens handed off because there’s no sense taking it with me now!

Lessons learned:
1. When I say ‘I’ll tweet about it’ … check for cell phone before vehicle pulls away.
2. Don’t attach travel pillow to backpack zippers.
3. Lenses, even from a short distance, don’t bounce when dropped.

20 minutes until boarding. Mishaps are all out of the way now … RIGHT?


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