Floreana Island – Snorkeling

Feb 15, 2012

Our next stop on the Floreana tour was snorkeling in a little inlet. I was sitting up top with the Captain, Raul and he pointed out the blue footed boobys on the rocks. If we were going to see penguins, this was the place.

I could hardly wait to get it the water here. Once the boat was stopped and secured, I was down the ladder and asking ‘can I get in now? I’m excited!’ So, I was the first one in the water, off snorkeling away. At first, nothing to interesting as the water was too deep. Once I headed toward the rocks though I started to see some fish. Then I went back to the boat and asked if it was ok to swim over to the rocks where the blue footed boody’s were. I grabbed a lifejacket as it was a bit of a swim and I was on my way! I got over fairly close to the rocks and got a good look at a few birds, but unfortunately not close enough for great photos.

Blue footed booby Floreana Island

Blue footed booby Floreana Island

On my way back to the boat, Sven from Switzerland asked if I had seen the penguins … I hadn’t, but I didn’t have time to swim over to where they were. Instead, I kept snorkeling and directly below me was a sting ray!

Sting ray Floreana Island

Sting ray Floreana Island

I followed the ray for a while, pointing it out to a few others in my tour and then made my way back to the boat. Something about swimming with wild sting rays makes me want to get out of the water. They are far below you, on the bottom, but I don’t like the thought that I might piss one off and his barb would go right through me!

Once we were all back on the boat, Captain Raul navigated us in closer so that we could have a better look at the penguins. There were four or five of them. Cute little things. Unfortunately not close enough for pictures … well, not with the point and shoot camera and as you know from previous posts my Canon 5D MK II had called it quits while in the highlands.


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