Puno, Peru

Feb 19, 2012

Once in our hotel we dropped off our stuff and went our separate ways. A few people weren’t feeling well so they stayed in to rest, Diane, Kristie and I went out for lunch at Sweet Café. It was a lovely second floor restaurant. Shortly after we all got our chicken sandwiches, I could hear music getting closer. I went out on the tiny little balcony in time to see a Carnival parade on it’s way down Lima Street which is the main pedestrian street in the city. We all snapped a few photos, waited for the parade to pass and then had our lunch.

Carnivale Parade, Puno

Carnivale Parade, Puno

Carnivale Parade, Puno

Carnivale Parade, Puno

Carnivale Parade, Puno

Carnivale Parade, Puno

At 6pm we had our group briefing about the next day’s plans and then we headed out for a lovely supper at the Inca bar. Thranga and Lori both decided to give Alpaca a try. I stuck with chicken and cheese risotto. YUMMY! I did however bum a taste of Lori’s alpaca dish and it wasn’t bad. I expected it to taste game-y like deer does, but I was surprised that it didn’t. I think she described it as a cross between beef and pork.

By the middle of supper, Diane wasn’t feeling very well and we had already left Kristie back at the hotel because she wasn’t feeling up to par either.

Suppers here seem to take forever. You order, then wait an hour before your food is served. You eat, then you specifically have to ask for the bill.

I asked for my bill and excused myself so I could go back and check on Kristie. Diane, Steve and Lori all came along as well. The rest stayed behind to finish up supper (and maybe dessert).

Kristie was asleep, Diane wasn’t feling well, Steve wasn’t feeling his best and Andrea had been stuck with a cold since before leaving Lima. Geeze, we were in rough shape. Seeing as this was the highest altitude place we would be going though, good to get it over with early.

Later that night, Sarah came to get me as Diane was pretty ill. Off to our super G Adventures leader I went. I haven’t talked about Andres much yet, but he is really super. He’s calm, funny, caring. He has a great attitude when it comes to Altitude and sickness. Basically he tells us not to hide anything, just feel free to talk about it and not let anything get worse. Then, he is also a strong believer in local remedies, as well as doctors.

There was nothing we could do for Diane that night, but the next morning when she still wasn’t feeling well, he arranged for her to stay at the hotel instead of coming out on Lake Titicaca with us. It was a pretty tough day, so I’m glad that she stayed back and got her rest. He also arranged for a doctor to come see her right away at the hotel.

Diane stayed at the hotel that day as she had altitude sickness. The doctor gave her a shot in the butt for the headache and nausea, some oxygen pills and altitude pills which all seemed to work! The Doctor is on call 24 hours a day and does house calls. He was also able to speak broken English, wrote out a prescription and arranged for the hotel to go pick it up. The Doctor fee was $100 Soles and the medications were $50 Soles. Not too bad when all is said and done.


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