Juliaca to Puno

Feb 19, 2012

The flight from Lima to Juliaca was pretty good. I slept most of the way. In fact I think this is the flight that I was asleep on before take off. I woke up when they were serving food and snacks and stayed awake for the last half hour of the flight. It got a little bumpy here and there, but nothing like what I expected.

Once in Juliaca we were greeted by a few musicians playing local music and selling their CDs. We waited for our luggage, but it wouldn’t be coming around on the belt as the belt was under construction. They brought our luggage in one by one and dropped it on the floor. So, basically you fought your way through the pack to reach your luggage. We all managed to survive with luggage intact.

Our ruck sacks were piled on top of the van and covered with tarp to keep them dry (ish). We all piled in the van that was just for us and headed out toward Puno where we would be staying at Hotel Balsa Inn.

Along the way I asked our guide if we could stop for some pictures. Our first stop was along the side of the road with a bunch of sheep.

Juliaca to Puno, Peru

Juliaca to Puno, Peru

Juliaca to Puno, Peru

Juliaca to Puno, Peru

Our second stop was at a beautiful panoramic spot where we could see Lake Titicaca.

View on the way to Puno

View on the way to Puno

It was really a beautiful drive into Puno with lots of stunning photo ops, although we couldn’t stop for every single one.


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