TukTuks & The Food Market

Feb 20, 2012

On Day 10 we left our hotel at 7:30am via local ‘limosines’, or TukTuks. A row of six colorful bikes with compartments in the front for two people, peddled by a local.

I went to take the first photo of the day and surprise surprise, my Canon 5D MKII, less than one year old had decided to quit. Quick change over to my second Canon 5D MKII body and away we went!

TukTuks in Puno, Peru

TukTuks in Puno, Peru

The TukTuks followed in a row through the narrow streets of Puno to take us to a food market close to the port where we would be boarding a boat. Our trip was about 15 minutes long and we had lots of fun snapping street photos as well as photos of each other.

TukTuks, Puno, Peru

TukTuks, Puno, Peru

Our G Adventures guide, Andres, suggested that we each spend $10 – $15 Soles in fruit and vegetables to take to our homestays. This would be a much appreciated gift as the families do not get in to the market regularly to get all of these items.

Going into the market, we went in pairs or groups and picked out a few of our favorite fruits and vegetables to take with us, knowing that we may also get fed some of this same food. We also made a stop at a cheese stall to take some with us and yummmy! it was good.

cheese at food market in Puno, Peru

cheese at food market in Puno, Peru

The food market is a really interesting place. There are lots of colors, textures, meet, cheese, veggies, fruit. It was really great to be able to buy from the locals, try to communicate how many of an item you want and to know that by spending $5-$8 US we’d be giving a family something special to eat that they would really appreciate. It was a total Peruvian experience from the transportation, to the market, to the giving of something to our families.

Unfortunately, most vendors don’t like to have their photos taken, so I didn’t take a whole lot of shots here. Although it was very interesting, I was trying to be respectful of those who didn’t wish to be on camera.

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