The Spider Incident

Feb 25, 2012

After supper, Kristie and I headed on our trek to the outhouse, in the dark … brushed our teeth, in the dark and then came back to get ready for bed.

As I was cleaning off my bed, I moved my camera bag and something scurried away. (I just shivered thinking about it). Ah! I jumped back and gasped realizing at seeing it a second time that it was a large spider.

I’m not a fan of spiders to begin with, but something about finding a big one on your bed in another country is even scarier. Kristie, also happens to be scared of spiders, so we were a great team!

We got the flashlight out and looked around the floor, no luck. I continued very slowly clearing all of my belongings off my bed … one at a time. I checked and dumped each one of them out and set them aside. Then, on to my camera bag. I talked myself through it … ‘Ok, I’m going to pick up my bag and move it to the floor.’ … ‘Then I’m going to slowly take off each of the blankets on the bed and check every single one.’

So, I did. I moved my camera bag and EWWWWWW! There it was again … scurried away and I couldn’t see where it went. Now there was nothing left on my bed though except for blankets.

I have a muddy dirty shoe in one hand, a pounding heart and a spider in my bed!

I got brave enough to shake the corner of the blanket with my shoe. Are you kidding me? I certainly wasn’t going to use my hand.

Poof! There’s our spider again, this time running across the floor. Eight legs carry them pretty fast!

I reached for my dirty sneaker, aimed and SMACK!
Oh wait, that wasn’t just a smack I heard … a loud ripping noise too. What was that?

Yup, sure enough, when I bent over to smack the spider with my shoe I completely lost the ass of my pajama pants! I would be mortified if the pants had been tight and I split them because I was bursting out of them, but that was not the case! These pjs were baggy flannel pants. They were no where near too tight. I guess they must have just been worn out because they ripped about 12 inches.

I double and triple checked to make sure that the spider was clearly dead. Sorry to all of you animal lovers out there, but there will be no live spiders in my room (that I am aware of)!

Now that the spider is officially dead and I have air conditioning for my ass … we were able to laugh about it all. Really? I split my pants while killing a spider? It still makes me laugh.

Next I had to take off each of five blankets on my bed and shake them off. Success! No spiders that I’m aware of in my bed, or in my room. Yes, I am sitting on my bed while writing this … not quite sure how I’m going to survive lights out though!

Send me strength!

4 thoughts on “The Spider Incident

  1. Hey, you missed a great opportunity to take a picture of an exotic spider. Oh well, I’m with you………. whack it!

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