Mojito Bar – Cabarete

As it’s name suggests, Mojito bar is the place to go in Cabarete for Mojito’s! It was a popular spot for the students from my school in Sosua to go to for 2 for 1 happy hour once or twice a week. Unfortunately I don’t like Mojito’s, but they were popular and sure looked pretty! The bar had a list of 4 or 5 options for their 2 for 1 deal. I opted for 2 for 1 Pina Colada’s. Sadly they were the worst Pina Colada’s that I had ever had. They seemed to solely be pineapple juice and liquor. There was no coconut flavor at all. They were thin, weak and lacked any resemblance to what I expected for a pina colada. Even at 2 for 1 they were sub-par.

Service here was friendly and good, although regularly a bit slow because the bar is tiny and the customers are plenty.

If you are stopping by for a bite to eat the sandwiches are yummy, but make sure you order early before the kitchen closes! The fresh squeezed juice that accompanies the sandwich menu is hit or miss. It depends on the combination of fruits, but twice I was served juice that was too sour to drink. Fresh should still mean ripe!

Overall, not my favorite location for drinks, but the sandwiches were good and I hear the Mojito’s were worth it!

Mojito Bar Cabarete

Mojito Bar Cabarete

Mojito Bar Cabarete

Mojito Bar Cabarete

Mojito Bar Cabarete

Mojito Bar Cabarete


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