Another Life Changing Decision – Part 8

They say stop looking and you will find it …
March 10, 2014

Although I’m not going to go in to a lot of detail on my blog, it is true … a few weeks ago I met a lovely man, right when I least expected it. Only a couple of weeks after having decided to make my life into total renovation chaos, a caring, handsome man walked right in to my life, kind of like he belonged there.

After a couple of dates, I was still trying to figure it all out. I could barely get my mind around paint colours, let alone trying to imagine bringing someone else into the chaos that is my life at the moment.

Shortly after our second date, before our third, we were talking on the phone and I spilled it all … poured my heart out as fast as the water tumbling over Niagara Falls. I told him that I wasn’t supposed to meet anyone right now because my life was too chaotic and I was thinking about leaving the country in the fall and I wasn’t really looking to date because I didn’t think I had time and who knew what kind of state I would be in each day coming home to a disaster of a house and I didn’t know how long I was going to be gone for because I was kind of thinking about living abroad, but I was trying to keep my plans ‘unplanned’ until all of the other pieces fell in place and I’d already started renovations but much more on the way and I’d be leaving soon for three weeks in South East Asia … and, and, and … Likely all in one run-on sentence just like that.

Although my first goal was to become debt free, my second goal was to use my new found freedom to travel even more than I had before. What did I have to lose? No husband. No kids. No commitments. I certainly wasn’t looking for a man to come into my life and change all of that (nor was I opposed to it … just wasn’t looking for it). So, I figured I should be honest from the start and it all just came rushing out.

Hmmmm well … that should be a sure-fire way to send a good guy running shouldn’t it? I clearly don’t sound sane or stable in that last paragraph blurting out all of my crazy random ideas to someone who doesn’t know me at all …

His response?

‘That’s ok. We’ll figure it out. No need to worry about all of that right now, let’s just see where it goes.’

He’s been adamant since the day I told him my plans that he did not want to influence my decisions to travel in the fall. Although I appreciate that, let’s be honest … when someone great walks into your life, as much as you try to keep your plans on track, there’s always a little wiggle room, right?

All I know is that a few weeks after meeting, he’s managed to help keep me sane through work and renovation stress, balance me and de-stress me … he didn’t even ask if I was hiding something crazy at my house when I wouldn’t invite him over for weeks (due to the chaos in my home) … He’s made me laugh and he has put up with my obsessive hugging. If you’ve never seen my posts on Facebook or heard me talk about how much I LOVE hugs, you just simply cannot understand.

10 Reasons why we need at least 8 hugs a day.

Just because a nice man has come into my life doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my dream. On the flip side, just because I have a dream doesn’t mean I’m going to give up a good man. And besides people … it’s a little too early to tell what’s going to happen with either the man or my renovation / dream travel unplan.

So friends, stop asking me what I’m going to do! ha ha ha
I don’t know, and I’m not really worrying about it at this point. I figure everything happens for a reason and eventually the reason will become clear.

My plan hasn’t changed. I need to get debt free. And, I want to travel (lots). That’s as much of the plan as I was ever willing to commit to and that hasn’t changed.

Everything else is still just a dream …

Except for renovations … they are definitely a nightmare.


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