About Shari

Shari having fun at the wheel

Photo by Intrepid Escapes

Hi. I’m Shari, a 30-something woman on a self-discovery journey. I currently work as a travel agent with TPI (Travel Professionals International) and am working my way around the world. That means I travel all the time, but continue to take care of my clients from wherever I am in the world. I’m also a travel writer and professional photographer, so I have a lot on the go! Sounds like a dream right?

As a successful photographer in Nova Scotia, I had a good life, a house and new car … Life was good, until it wasn’t. Most people think that if you travel and see poverty that you come home appreciating all of the material things you have. For me, it was the opposite. After coming home from Ecuador and Peru, I understood that I was working too hard to pay for ‘things’ that I didn’t really care about and that living more simply would be more satisfying. So, I went on a quest to live more simply, more balanced and more fulfilled. I took a job at an office as a travel agent and after becoming tired of the office, became a home based agent. A couple of years later, I sold my home, my car and my possessions. I paid off all of my debts and then began to travel, debt free. A few years later I’m still on the same path … it’s not easy but I do believe it is more fulfilling than the life I had before.

Now, I spend my money on experiences rather than material items. I have a worldly education, street smarts and an appreciation for cultures that are considerably different from North America. I’ve learned to speak Spanish, confronted my fears of flying, surfing and diving (haven’t conquered my fear of spiders or cockroaches yet though!). I have great friends from around the world and wherever I lay my head is home.

Country Count:
Canada | USA | Mexico | Cuba | Dominican Republic | Bermuda | Costa Rica | Nicaragua | Belize | Ecuador | Peru | Chile | Argentina | Uruguay | France (St. Pierre & Miquelon) | Poland | Germany | Italy | Greece | Turkey | Montenegro | Slovenia | Croatia | Thailand | Myanmar | Cambodia | Vietnam | Singapore | Philippines | Malaysia | Netherlands | Portugal | Belgium

I hope you’ll dive into my blog and find some articles that interest and inspire you to travel, to be open-minded and accepting of other cultures and to find balance in your own life, whatever that may look like.

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