911 calls from Asiana Flight 214

Having survived a plane crash myself in 1997 at the Fredericton, NB airport, I feel for these passengers deeply and know the struggles that they are about to have going forward. The shock doesn’t wear off for a couple of weeks and then it really hits.

Although I am now able to fly (after 10 years), I struggle with it time and time again. And, every plane crash that hits the news stabs a steak in my heart as I feel the pain and fear all over again.

My heart goes out to the survivors of this horrible crash. And my own heart constricts with anxiety at the thought of flying to Asia in just four short weeks.

Until you’ve been through something like this, you can never understand the impact it has on your life and how even 16 years later it can make you emotional, fearful and thankful to be alive.


Anderson Cooper 360

“We just got in a plane crash, and there are a bunch of people who need help and there is not enough medics out here.” 911 calls released after the Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco airport reveal chaotic aftermath. Plus, take a look inside the damaged plane. Dan Simon reports.

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Photo Gear Suggestions from Celeb Photog Bob Davis


In November 2010 I traveled to New Orleans, Louisana for PartnerCon, a photography conference put on by Pictage. It truly was an experience I’ll never forget. New Orleans is a magical city for me. I felt alive, inspired and free. I met lots of wonderful photographers, including one of the speakers, Bob Davis.

Bob was there teaching about lighting with off camera flash. He was a great teacher, incredibly knowledgeable and very patient with our group of 25 or so photographers of all different levels. After the inital session I hired Bob for a private lesson so that I could learn more. Unfortunately we had a few ‘technical’ difficulties with my camera gear and a model who didn’t have a lot of time, so I didn’t get as much hands on practice as I had hoped. I look forward to taking one of Bob’s workshops in the future to really get a handle on off camera flash. The photo here is one that I took during my private session.

Off Camera Flash Lighting

Off Camera Flash Lighting

Bob is very well known and has covered many celebrity events and weddings, as well as steady published work in various large magazines. Just check out his website to see the amazing work he does.

Beyond the ‘starstruck’-ness, I later came to Bob & Dawn’s bio to learn more about them and their story. They have an amazing, inspirational family story about adopting their two children from Maldova. Take a few minutes and watch their adoption video

When I found out I was officially going to Peru, I wrote to Bob and asked his advice on what equipment to take. He wrote me the following great list of tips and websites and has given me permission to share it with you. So, enjoy some great advice from a fantastic photographer!

From Bob: “If I were going [to Peru] here is what I would bring.

For cameras I would bring two bodies, since I’m all Canon they would be the 5D Mark II without the battery grip, but I would bring at least 4 batteries. My second body would be the EOS 1D Mark IV, it’s tough and weather proof and I would bring 4 batteries. Remember to bring your chargers and power plugs for the country you travel to. I have found Wonpro to an excellent resource for international power strips, convertors and plugs. Most all of your camera and computer gear is dual voltage, the only thing I use a power convertor for is hand mixer for protein shakes.

Lenses: I would take my two go to lenses the Canon 16 – 35 f/2.8 wide angle zoom lens and 70 -200 IS f/2.8 II and I would bring one prime lens the 50mm, just in case.

Flashes: I don’t leave home without two 580EXII Speedlights and an STE-2 Wireless Speedlight Transmitter. I use PowerX 2700 milliamp rechargeable batteries from Thomas Distributing. I would have eight batteries and one 4 cell charger and an extra battery for the STE-2. One Lightsphere or Rogue Flash bender to modify the light for location portraits.

One tripod, which can also double as a light stand. As many CF cards as possible, for me that would be 10 16GB SanDisk Extreme cards. I don’t own any type of digital wallet to download cards to so I would bring my laptop and two 500GB external hard drive like the Lacie Rugged. This way I’m backed up to two locations and I never have the two drives in the same spot, meaning one with me always and one in my suitcase.

I use a ThinkTank Shape Shifter to carry it all in. You can even strap the tripod to the back pack and it’s comfortable to hike with. I trekked all over Italy with the above gear.

That should do it.

Hope this was helpful.