Photo Tour Benefits

Let me tell you about the benefits of a Photo Tour versus a group tour where you take photos:

. We take care of the organization, planning, accommodations and transportation so that all you have to worry about is how to capture your experience Through your Lens.

. Travel with a group of like-minded people – everyone in the group loves photography! You automatically have something in common with everyone regardless of your age, culture or home town.

. We always ensure we have knowledgeable and friendly local guides who know the language, the history and the best spots to visit.

. Lots of pre-departure information about traveling, packing and what to expect. Sometimes we are even able to organize discount shopping nights and special promotions with sponsors and partners.

. No rushing to take photos. These aren’t normal group tours where you stop to see the sights only for five minutes. These tours give you lots of free time to explore an area, take it all in and enjoy taking pictures without rushing!

. Take advantage of the right times of day for the best light! Many companies offer photo tours, but often they are just taking photographers to see the sights and don’t have the knowledge to organize activities around the best times of day for lighting. Special attention is made to make sure supper is not at sunset.

. A great combination of organized activities and free time. Although some days are planned with specific schedules to follow, some days are open for you to explore.

. Explore your interests! With the free time during the trips, you can choose to go on local excursions, tour museums, spend extra time at markets, talk with locals or just wander around the city / community and take photos.

. Your free time is your choice. Explore on your own, or pair up with someone else from the group to explore together.

. Take part in photo workshops to learn new skills, look at things from a new perspective and challenge yourself! Workshops cover basic photography knowledge to help you become comfortable with shooting manually, as well as more challenging workshops for practicing skills like night photography.

. Learn from your fellow photographers. Traveling in a group of 8-12 people, there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and different perspectives. Don’t forget to take advantage of this!

. Whenever possible, we arrange private transportation for our group. This means if we are driving through a scenic area and there’s a beautiful vista, we simply ask the driver to stop. It doesn’t work like that on a tour bus of 100 people! This also helps keep all of your precious camera gear safe and close to you when traveling.

. Share equipment. Maybe you didn’t bring your 50mm prime lens, but your new friend did. Maybe you are traveling with a buddy and agree to share a tripod so that you don’t have to both carry your own. Forgot your lens pen back at the hotel? I bet someone can help you out!

. Traveling solo? Whether you are young, old, single or just need some time away from your spouse, we don’t discriminate! We just make it easy for you to enjoy your passions and have a fantastic vacation in the security of a group, but with enough time for you to have some ‘me’ time too.

. Traveling with your partner or a friend who isn’t a photographer? As long as your partner isn’t in a rush and will enjoy being a traveler at a leisurely pace, they are welcome to join us! Your friend can come to the photo workshops to learn about photography, or they have extra time to explore (or relax) on their own.

. Never traveled outside of Canada or the USA before? Oh, would I love for you to join us and experience the world for the first time with us! I am sooooo passionate about seeing the world that I just know you will be addicted to travel after your first trip!

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