Travel Insurance

I’d like to take a few moments to explain what you need to know about protecting your travel investment with Travel Insurance.

Very important, in order to be part of the Peru Through the Lens group tour, you are required to have at least travel medical insurance. Here is an overview of the different insurances that we offer. A full detailed overview with the 46 insurable reasons for cancelling or interrupting your trip, as well as medical coverage can be found here for your review.

If you already have insurance, you should check your policy to find out:
• how much it covers and how many insurable risks (our coverage has 46)
• if any countries (or activities) are exempt from coverage
• when does coverage start (ie when you leave your house or only once you are
in destination – what happens if you are delayed in Toronto?)
• does it pay up front or do you have to be reimbursed (if your bill at a Peru hospital is $10 000, do you have $10 000 that you can pay up front?)
• If you are delayed at the airport (mechanical problems / weather etc) for a couple of days, does your insurance cover to catch you up to where the tour is when you arrive or only to the destination?

The Travel Insurance that we offer at The Adventure Travel Company is through RBC and has top of the line coverage, both for rates and for what is actually covered. Many credit cards list Cancellation & Interruption, but when you look closely you find out that they only cover 5-10 reasons for cancelling or cover you only for interruption once you are IN destination. This doesn’t help you if you have a car accident on the way to the airport or your flight is delayed in Toronto.

Here are the quick points about the coverage we offer:

Medical Coverage (mandatory for all travelers)
• Covers Medical emergencies for yourself, spouse, immediate family, traveling companion, business partner or key employee (see brochure for full details / restrictions)
• Can cover cost of flying someone in to the destination to be with you, or flying you out of destination if needed for proper medical care.
• Pays costs up front (not reimbursed)

Cancellation & Interruption (highly recommended)
This insurance is to cover you for the Unexpected.

Cancellation covers you for the non-refundable portions of your trip (flights & tour packages etc), if you have to cancel before leaving home.

Interruption covers you for an interruption because of an insured risk during your trip or causing you to return home early from your trip.

Just a few of the insurable reasons that are covered for cancelling or interrupting your trip that you may not have considered & may not be covered by your current credit card coverage.
• Admission to hospital following an emergency (or death) of a member of your immediate family (who is not in destination), your business partner or a key employee or caregiver.
• Emergency medical condition (or death) of your traveling partner, your traveling partner’s immediate family, business partner, key employee or caregiver.
• Emergency medical condition (or death) of your immediate family member who is at your destination.
*These are insurable reasons if the medical condition is not pre-existing, or has been stable (with no change better or worse) for at least 90 days – see policy for full details

• Involuntary loss of yours, your spouses or your traveling companions permanent (not contract) employment
• Delays of your airline due to weather conditions, volcanoes etc
• If you are in an accident or an accident/road closure prevents you from reaching your flight on time, provided you have left your home with a reasonable amount of time to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure
*Hotels, taxis, meals and cost of catching you up to your tour in destination are covered – please see full details / restrictions / rules etc in the attached brochure
• Burglary of your principal residence within 7 days of your departure (or that of your traveling companion).
• You (or your traveling companion’s), your spouse or child being called for Jury Duty (and other court related reasons)

I can take care of your insurance whenever you are ready, but the sooner the better. It doesn’t cost any extra to have it in place earlier, but it does start protecting you as soon as you buy it should something unexpected happen that causes you to cancel.

Quite a few ‘unexpected’ things there for you to think about. Of course we hope none of these things happen, but if something does, we want you to be covered to relieve the financial stress that could add to the other stresses.


One thought on “Travel Insurance

  1. Great advice! I like to be fully protected at all times and then I can start relaxing and begin my adventure. True peace of mind. It’s also a good idea to fully understand what you are covered for, make sure that it suits you and your family.

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