Camera Equipment – from Shari

As a group of photo enthusiasts, obviously packing camera gear is a huge part of the Vietnam Through the Lens trip. Here is a list of suggested Camera gear and electronics to take, in brackets are specifics of what I will be taking.

Please remember that your camera gear should be one of your carry on items. Check with your specific airlines to find out size and weight specifications for carry on luggage.

Please don’t be intimidated by my list. You don’t need to have all of these things in order to enjoy the trip. Remember I am a professional photographer and have a whole lot of gear that your average hobbyist or beginner may not have and that is ok!

Camera Gear / Electronics
Cameras – (Two 5D MK II bodies)
Lenses – (24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8)
Flash – (580 EX II) – I will be taking my flash, but I will not be teaching any flash photography on the trip.
Small light tripod – Any tripod will do as long as you can fit it in your suitcase / backpack and it isn’t too heavy. Point and shoot camera – (Panasonic TS3 Underwater)
(Go Pro Video camera)
Memory Cards (100GB in total, Lexar and SanDisk) – You may not need 100GB of memory. I’m shooting with a 21 MP camera.
Rechargeable Batteries (for 5D, Lumix and flash)
Chargers (cameras, flash)
Multi card reader (reads CF, SD and XD)
Rain sleeve for camera to use if shooting in mist / rain
Cover for camera bag to protect from rain (mine is part of my back pack) – I don’t expect any great amount of rain, but just like in Canada, it could rain any day and that doesn’t stop us from continuing on!

Lens cloth
Lens Pen

Electrical Converter – Most hotels have one or two universal plugs per room, but if you have a converter you may want to take it just in case.
Cell Phone with Roaming package or cracked for use outside of Canada (I suspect most of you won’t need your cell phones, but I use mine for regular social media updates)
Phone charger
Laptop or Tablet & power cord – (MacBook Pro) – This is up to you, if you want to look at / edit / store your photos while you are there.
Back up / storage – (Portable hard drive 1T – I haven’t decided yet)

** If you would like for me to back your photos up while we are traveling, please bring your own portable hard drive. Make sure that it is compatible with a MAC computer and has nothing else on it (in case I have to format it to work with my computer). Who ever wants their photos backed up can bring their photos to me on designated days and I’ll do that for you. That way you can have the photos on your memory cards and a back up drive … just in case. The back ups will be your responsibility to carry and keep safe. I will just transfer the photos on to your drive for you.

Bubble wrap – I wrapped my second camera body & flash up last year and put them in my clothing back pack for most of the trip so I didn’t have to carry two camera bodies in my day pack all the time. Also good for protecting your back up drive if you choose to bring one.

Silica gel packs to keep around your camera gear to absorb moisture – it will be humid!


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